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Granite has been used in the construction industry in the North East of Scotland for centuries. By selecting a granite paving stone you are choosing a product that is in keeping with this. Although we have to import the Granite to make it affordable, we hope we are helping to make Granite patios a viable option. 

Granite has less variations in colour than many other natural stone products, however it remains a natural product and as such some colour variation across the stones is to be expected. No two stones are identical, and we believe this is what makes natural paving special. 


  • In keeping with the local area in the North East
  • Large range of colours available 
  • We choose our patio packs have a large percentage of 600x900mm slabs – this is quicker to lay and aesthetically pleasing 
  • The calibration (dimensions) of granite are more precise than in, for example, natural sandstone
  • Each stone is unique but more uniform than some other natural products such as the multi colours in some of the sandstone. 


  • As a natural product there is some variation in colour from stone to stone, but this can be a good thing provided there laid correctly. 
  • Dark grey granite in particular has quite a few seams, these are not structural issues and will not cause the stone to split. They should be enjoyed as completely unique markings. It is important that you realise this before you buy it. Our viewing area has a fair sample of what to expect, therefore we will not accept returns for any non-structural issue seams. 

Laying Advice: 

To ensure that you are happy with the overall appearance, we recommend that look at the individual slabs before laying them and spread any colour variations around, rather than laying them as you pull them out of the pallet. A skilled and experienced landscaper will do this for you as a matter of course.

With all natural stone we recommend sealing the back side with priming slurry before laying. 


This product is available in 4 sizes and we are happy to make up patio packs if required.