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Sawn and Honed sandstone is a completely smooth finish, which brings out the colours of the stone. It is a more contemporary look compared to the natural surface. Colour variation is a feature of sandstone and to be expected if you choose this product. We believe that it is part of the charm of sandstone. 


  • Large tapestry of colours available and the honing process really brings out these colours 
  • Strong contemporary look 
  • Smooth finish
  • The texture of the stone gives it a natural grip – it is not slippery if kept clean and is easier to keep clean than natural sandstone 
  • The calibration (dimensions) are more precise than in the natural finish sandstone  
  • We choose our patio packs have a large percentage of 600x900mm slabs


  • The colour variations require consideration when laying 
  • We cannot accept returns for colour variations, or if you run out of a colour that you want, or don’t like a colour of a particular stone. Our viewing area has a fair representation of what to expect in terms of colour variations across different slabs.  
  • The texture of the sandstone gives it a natural grip, but if it is not kept clean the dirt on top of the paving may become slippery – we sell a great easy to use cleaning agent which used twice a year is usually enough to keep your patio free of dirt

Laying Advice: 

We highly recommend that you consider the colour variations in the stone at the point of laying, rather than picking from the front of each pallet and laying at random. Spread the colour around the patio to make the most out of the stone and you will have an outstanding area. A skilled landscaper will be able to do this for you. 

We recommend using slurry/primer/glue on the backs of the slabs when laying, which we stock. 

Patio Pack Ratios: 

We split our patio packs free of charge, so you can order the amount that you require. Full pallets contain 19.26m2 and have the following ratio of pieces: 

14: 290×290

16: 290×600 

17: 600×600 

17: 600×900

Additional square meters will be provided based on the above ratio.