COSMIC 290x500x80-100 NATURAL 6 SIDES (£/PC)

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Dressed all 80-10mm tall faces, and therefore can be cut in 2 or 4 to make more 80-100mm tall blocks from these.

Can be used very succesfully as copes although be careful using them as copes as the thickness need to be matched best possible to other stones (ie they vary 20mm in thickness from stone to stone). Stone selection would be important. And we have to sell them like this.  But for the colours that are available in the right location, the extra work can be well worth it. 



Natural sandstone is a traditional look and a very popular one. It has a riven texture which is naturally formed, at the point it was split from the mother rock. Colour variation is a feature of sandstone and to be expected if you choose this product. We are dealing with stone, a natural product, and nature is not perfect! We believe that it is part of the charm of sandstone.


  • Affordable
  • Large tapestry of colours available – please see laying advice below
  • This variety of colours and textures make each stone unique
  • We choose our patio packs to have a large percentage of 600x900mm slabs(cheaper products often do not have such large slabs in the mix as there more expensive)
  • The calibration of this is 22mm thick (cheaper products are often thinner)


  • Each stone is unique – the colour and textural variations require consideration when laying, to compliment this great affordable product
  • The calibration (dimensions) will vary more than in other stones – see laying advice
  • We cannot accept returns for natural formations, or colour variations (unless these variations are causing structural issues)

Laying Advice:

Natural sandstone needs more consideration than other stone at the point of laying. This is due to the natural colour and textural variations mentioned above. Natural sandstone needs to be worked with to create the patio that you want – spread the colours and textures thoughtfully so that you make the most out of the stone and you will have an outstanding traditional area. A skilled landscaper will be able to do this for you.

We recommend using slurry/primer/glue on the backs of the slabs when laying, which we stock.